Women's Municipal Leadership Program


The Women’s Municipal Leadership Program is an opportunity for aspiring women to advance their skills and hone their leadership abilities on the path to becoming strong local managers. Develop critical skills, navigate the field, and take the lead with key strategies and tools in the exclusive WMLP.

Elected Officials Academy Advanced Weekender

Advanced Weekender training Al Vandenberg May 2018 in Grand Haven (6)

EOA is a 4 level program that recognizes the educational and leadership accomplishments of elected officials. Now included in the EOA Advanced Weekender rotating agenda is targeted diversity and inclusivity training for elected officials. Learn more about the important role elected officials play in gender diversity at the local level and strategies to ensure an inclusive workplace through this course.

ICMA: The Underrepresentation of Women in Leadership


The first step in overcoming the massive problem of underrepresentation of women in leadership and management is recognition. The infographic developed by ICMA paints the picture of failure across all sectors to harness the power of gender equality.

ICMA: Bring Gender Balance to Your Local Government

IMG_8725 2

Diverse gender leadership, particularly at the local government level, strengthens the organizations and the communities they serve. For some steps you can take today in your own organization to help achieve gender balance, check out ICMA’s article.